David & Sherry Photography


Our Life In One Picture

This is the one photo of our family that summarizes the first decade. Contentment, joy, blessings, travel, love, togetherness are all traits that come to mind when I look at this one.

Photo wise it's taken after we finally found parking in the city of Florence, Italy, even though unbeknownst to us at the time we had just received two large traffic violations... (argh Italy fines) but we were parked and mounted up to make our way through the city and this is how we traveled a lot during these times. One kid on the front, one kid on the shoulders, and a content father in the middle. Sherry with the bags, camera, map, and the lead. I've spent much of the first 6 years of the kids' life carrying at least one of them on my shoulders and to my own fault probably too much because I enjoy it and know it won't be possible for much longer.

I love the faces in this photo.

1/115; f/2.2; ISO 32; 4.2 mm.