David & Sherry Photography


Meet us in Banff

During our consultation with this amazing couple, they said they wanted to do a couplescape adventure and said "meet us in Banff" and we'll capture some amazing mountain photos to which we said, "How 'bout Peyto Lake??" One of the things we love most is coming with ideas that will give the opportunity for adventure and photos, and when you think July in the Rockies it should be warm, right?? Well, in this case, it was sunny, warm, and it snowed on the same day. Moments after this shot was taken it started snowing. Our original plan was to hike our way down to the lake itself which is about an hour hike down (and if you're willing we are still looking for a couple to take to the bottom as it too is beautiful) but when we got there it had been a wet summer and the path was a bit rougher than we were prepared for so we explored the lookout and surrounding area at Peyto. One of the fun things is getting to a location then putting on the heels :D... What you can't tell with this photo is they are standing on a significant downslope, so we always recommend bringing running shoes then change into the high heels once at the spot. Even standing in the high heels on this spot required support, but they were troopers and on this day we created many amazing shots, including two in this top 50 list.

1/500; f/4.0; ISO 50; 24.0 mm.