David & Sherry Photography


No, It's Not Photoshopped

Ever since my kids have been able to confidently hold their heads I've tossed them up in the air. When younger the height would be lower, but as they would get stronger and more confident I would throw them higher and higher. They would usually say "AGAIN" and I'll throw them until my shoulders can't take any more.

There is a sweet spot in the raising of children where they are light enough to throw very high in the air but old enough to be able to take the heights without being scared, and this was the pinnacle of that moment with the last of our two children. I've thrown my kids up in the air thousands of times, in all sorts of different places and we've taken many many photos of it, it's been something that I've done with mine that has been very special, and this is the best. The best photo, the best height, the best location, the best body expression by Jack (the one standing on the ground). Every time I see this photo it warms my heart, makes me cry, makes me smile, makes me love my family more and more. Yes this photo was planned, but it to me is the "moment" of family, captured.

Now for some pro tips...

- When you throw them up in the air make sure not to allow their legs to go higher than their head, this causes an imbalance, makes them start to flip over forward on the descent and makes them much harder to catch properly

- If you place your thumbs on their chest and throw them up with a volleyball like "set" motion, you can get about 20% more height as you push up with your thumbs as you release them

- It's best when the child is wearing a tight-fitting shirt or jacket as too much fabric makes them harder to catch.

For all of you who are wondering, no I never dropped either of them :D... though there was that time with Jack (1st child) where I ALMOST dropped him and had an Odell Beckham Jr. style saving catch :D.

1/8000; f/4.0; ISO 200; 33.0 mm.