David & Sherry Photography


10th Anniversary

We are crazy people. We travel halfway around the world to spend our 10th anniversary together in the French Riviera and the day of our actual anniversary we were staying in a very expensive and rather lovely hotel in Nice, France and we decided that we wanted a photograph to commemorate the milestone but as photographers, a normal photo just won't do... a handheld selfie on the promenade won't fit the bill.

A few towns over from Nice is the city of Menton, right on the France Italy border and it's gorgeous! So we plan to do a sunrise photoshoot there on the day of our anniversary. Did you know the sun rises early in the morning in June? It would be fine if we were staying just a few minutes down the road, but no... we were 3 train stops away which doesn't sound so bad if I said our hotel was near the train station... but no, our hotel was a 45-minute walk from the station... so as we start doing the math the night before we're thinking to ourselves, are we really this crazy?? The answer was yes, we really are that crazy.

So our alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning the day of our 10th anniversary and we get dressed and walk to the train station, get on the train and make our way to Menton then trek another 20 minutes from the station in Menton to the rocks where we wanted to take this photo... we set up the tripod with camera and I do the 10-second blitz photo... You know, the one where you press the shutter on the 10-second timer then run from there to your spot before the shutter fires :)... I'm sure it took 5-10 times, I don't remember anymore, but the photo that came out is my favourite photo of the two of us we've ever taken (Sherry disagrees as there is another in a few spots).

We love photos, and we're crazy about them.

1/250; f/10.0; ISO 100; 30.0 mm.