Bellamere Winery Wedding Reviews - London Photographer
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Bellamere Winery Wedding Reviews - London Photographer

Bellamere Winery has been hosting weddings for many years in the London area. They have been well reviewed by many brides and grooms and we will give our Bellamere Winery Wedding Review here. In our experience of being part of a wedding at halls all over Ontario we have found the staff to be very friendly at this event establishment. This is a wonderful thing as there is little that can ruin a day faster than an unhappy customer service person. The food we have eaten here has been excellent and the venue has always been clean and tidy. The outdoor ceremony location is wonderful so long as the rain isn't falling and the indoor options are spacious. The only downside to the indoor spaces is the pillars holding the building up do get in the visual road of some of the guests. Friends and family can clearly see the bride as she comes down the aisle but once at the front there are some obstacles. Our favourite choices have been to decorate with the end of the evening in mind by having candles on the tables as we feel this gives the most beautiful view of the reception. Dark lighting with candle lights highlighting the table and dance floor bring out the interior architecture and design of the building. We would recommend Bellamere Winery as one of the best wedding venues in London, Ontario.


phone: (519) 473-2273

Location: 1260 Gainsborough Rd, London, ON N6H 5K8.

1/125; f/2.8; ISO 1000; 31.0 mm.