Hacienda Sarria Wedding Photos
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Hacienda Sarria Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos From Hacienda Sarria

One of Kitchener's most popular wedding venues is the artistically beautiful and spacious Hacienda Sarria. It's grounds are laid out in a way where no matter what time of day we can take beautiful photos of the bride and groom. Wedding after wedding it is our ability to see and use light that makes us one of the best wedding photographers in Kitchener. In this photo taken in the bridal preparation room shows a bride with her hair and makeup finished and wedding gown on in a classic portrait set up. The light is coming in from the window and is highlighting our bride's face while she looks down towards her flowers. Though these types of pictures remind us of photography of old where artists would paint their subjects and would choose classical methods that will be timeless and will look great for generations to come. We love to create this type of portrait for our couples that they can pass on for future generations to their children and grandchildren. I also love how her bouquet compliments her wedding dress. Hacienda Sarria lends itself beautifully to this type of portraiture due to it's beautiful design inside and out. The venue allows us to explore different backgrounds and lighting directions then gives us enough space to use the cameras and lenses we would like. 

Hacienda Sarria is located in Kitchener, ON

Website: http://www.haciendasarria.com

Phone: 519-585-1681

Location: 1254 Union St, Kitchener, ON N2H 6K4.

1/2500; f/1.4; ISO 640; 85.0 mm.