Vera Wang Wedding Dress Vancouver
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Vera Wang Wedding Dress Vancouver

Wedding Dresses in Vancouver

Quite possibly the most important piece of the puzzle in putting together a great wedding day is the wedding gown. This instrumental article of clothing is the showpiece that everyone will want to see when they arrive. All the guests want a picture of the bride in her wedding dress. One of the top wedding designers in the world is Vera Wang. Her dresses are statement pieces of style and fashion while at the same time are simply works of art. This dress captured in Vancouver during a wedding in the city is one of her signature line of wedding dresses and what impresses me is the amount of detail that has gone into it. The beading, the riffles, the length of the dress in the front and back, the see through feeling of the sides of the stomach and the lacing all come together to create a beautiful silhouette which accentuates the curves of the bride while allowing her at the same time to look stylish and haute couture. We love photographing dresses like this one as they add an extra layer of beauty to the wedding day and it is our privilege to provide a full coverage of all the wedding day has to offer.

Location: Vancouver, B.C..

1/320; f/2.8; ISO 2500; 70.0 mm.