Rome Wedding Photographer Destination
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Rome Wedding Photographer Destination

Rome Destination Wedding Photographer

When traveling around the world we are always looking past the traditional destination wedding photo.  We want to capture the iconic landscape of the region in a way that would be beautiful on it's own, then incorporate our bride and groom during their pre-wedding, engagement or wedding photo shoot that adds to the beauty of the location.  

Destination Pre-Wedding Photos

Our travel photography which we call Epic Couplescapes is meant to leave our clients with beautiful creative artwork for the walls of their homes and have it encapsulate their love of travel, their love of each other and their love of adventure.  We are always up for travelling anywhere around the world.  In this case the travel was to Rome, Italy.  Destination pre-wedding photos are a growing trend with today's young adults and we are ready to travel to Italy, Rome, Florence, Positano, San Marino, Venice or anywhere else to capture beautiful on location portraits for you.  Tim & Beth joined us on our trip across the pond with a beautiful red dress and friendly smile to make use of one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. It was in April and the crowds were light, made even lighter by the end of day beautiful light coming out at dinner time. The colosseum, built by the spoils of the Jewish temple's destruction in 70AD is a testament to the power of the Roman Empire in it's prime.  The beautiful architecture with it's repeating arches and stone construction is unmatched.  Our couple is shown in the reflection in a pond near the structure and they are lit by rim light provided by a Nikon flash, Phottix remote trigger, Magmod light modifier. I actually was laying down on the ground to get this shot and took it with a 20mm lens in 6 vertical shots before I pieced them together afterwards to create this wonderful panoramic photo.

Location: Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma, Italy.

1/60; f/4.0; ISO 5000; 24.0 mm.