Sauble Falls Wedding Photography
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Sauble Falls Wedding Photography

In order to get this beautiful moving water in a picture you have to select a shutter speed that is in the range of 1/10th to 1/5th of a second and regularly a tripod is used in order to get the shot. We don't generally have the ability to carry a tripod along with us to shoots so we have to get really good at hand holding a steady shot. In this pre-wedding engagement photo shoot at Sauble Falls near Sauble Beach we placed a couple on the rocks that form part of the waterfall and yes the groom's bum did get wet.  I then stood below the falls in the water bent over with the camera near the water and held it as steady as I could and shot about 5 frames and asked them to kiss. I love what came out of it as I don't think waterfalls look like waterfalls if the shutter isn't dragged a little bit allowing for some movement in the otherwise still image. Sauble Falls is a beautiful place to go for pictures. If you go during a time when there is less water going over the falls it is better because you can walk out to some of the areas that are often covered and can use them as part of your photo shoot. This destination in Northern Ontario is very popular and a place we love to take engagement pics. 

Sauble Falls is located in Sauble Beach, ON

Location: Sauble Beach, On.

1/15; f/22.0; ISO 50; 100.0 mm.