Chinese Weddings in Vancouver
David & Sherry Photography

Chinese Weddings in Vancouver

Over the past 10 years and 250+ weddings that Sherry and David have photographed some our favourite cultural weddings to capture are traditional Chinese weddings. These celebrations have so many unique things involved with them which make the day exciting and we look forward to every one.

Door Games

The day gets kicked off with the groomsmen and the groom coming over to the bride's house in order to barter for the bride. This usually involves the bridesmaids coming up with what they call door games where they get the men to do strange things.  We have seen them have to eat ill tasting foods, wax their leg hair and it is always expected the groom is to reward the ladies handsomely for the privilege to marry the bride.

Traditional Chinese Red Dress

The red dress is a staple of the Chinese wedding. These elaborate and stunning dresses are worn at different times during the day, after the door games and during the tea ceremony, and usually after the first dance in the evening. They often have interesting patterns designed into them and possibly traditional dragons on them. 

Throughout the day different family members will give the bride gold jewelry and red envelopes to compliment her dress which with the red and gold is very stunning. 

Dress Changes

The bride will also have a traditional white wedding dress to where during the ceremony which is a contrast from her Chinese dress but is often also very ornate and designed with beading and craft. 

Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is a show of respect to the family of the couple as the bride and groom present tea to each family member and they reciprocate by giving back a red envelope with money, or as some traditions hold to they call it lucky money. These usually are held with the family members seated two at a time in front of the couple with the bride and groom kneeling in front as a sign of humility.

Nuptual Chamber

Immediately following the ceremony the bride and groom are whisked away for a special time together as their first moments together as a married couple. This is a time for them to enjoy each other's company and take a step aside from the craziness of the day for a few moments.

Photo Locations

For some Chinese weddings it is important that the photos are taken at a location that shares in the cultural heritage of their people and their architectural design. The Sun-Yat-Sen Traditional Chinese Garden in Vancouver is a popular and often used garden for wedding photos because the design of the buildings and the feng shui inspired gardens offer a peace and tranquility to the wedding photography portion of the day. 

Location: Vancouver, B.C..

1/250; f/2.8; ISO 1250; 160.0 mm.