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Graydon Hall Wedding Pictures

Pictures in Graydon Hall Manor

The few moments a bride gets to be alone before she walks down the isle are always very heartfelt and often create beautiful images. When a bride-to-be sees her wedding dress for the first time in the mirror, or looks down at her bouquet, you can often see the variety of emotions going through her mind as she anticipates marrying the love of her life. Because there is often so much going on before the ceremony begins, it is our job as wedding photographers to capture the moments that would be forgotten. We want our clients to look at a photo such as this one and think to themselves: “Wow, I remember how I felt while I was sitting there.” This photo tells a story, and it gives insight to those last few quiet moments before the events began to take place. In this photo, the bride, Melissa, looks down at her bouquet of orchids while dressed in her veil and wedding gown. The lighting from an off-camera flash highlights her features while darkening the rest of the image, making the eye drawn towards her.

The Bridal Suite

Whenever there is a mirror or a unique piece of furniture in a room, we often take advantage of the photo opportunities that it has. This image was taken at Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto, Ontario, where the interior (and exterior) décor is both historic and elegant. The bridal suite in this luxurious venue is the ideal place to get ready for the big day and experience the moments that go along with it.

Timeless Wedding Portraits of the bride are one of the must have items for all of the weddings we photograph.  A bride on her wedding day with her makeup done, beautiful dress laced up, shoes on, hair done and styled, makes for a fantastic subject at any wedding.  An image that she will look back on which shows her beauty and radiance is one of the most important items to us on the day.  
This photograph, taken at the luxurious Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto in the bridal suite on the 2nd floor was achieved by illuminating the bride in a rembrandt style with her flowers while she being reflected in the mirror shows the pre wedding thought and attention to detail which is present at each wedding.  
I personally love the execution of this shot as it was one we had envisioned and when we see our vision come to fruition it is very exciting.  Her dress is a Pronovias purchased at Mona Richie, while her florals were created by Carisma Florals.  Beautiful works of art by each of the wedding vendors added to a classic elegance to her portraits.  
The wedding took place in the fall which is a time when Graydon Hall shines.  When you are considering outdoor formal photos many of the parks late in the season loose their leaves and their beauty and the weather is unpredictable.  When you are at a venue like the manor even if you have a brief window of weather or stay under the protective cover of the arch you can get outdoor pictures no matter the weather.  Such is the awesome characteristic of an all in one venue with stunning architecture.  
The wedding itself took place in the carriage room with 125 of their family and friends present.  The dance floor was rocking all night by DJ Michael Coombs who is the best in Toronto.   

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Location: 185 Graydon Hall Drive, Toronto, ON M3A 3B1.

1/250; f/10.0; ISO 160; 24.0 mm.