Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Graydon Hall Manor
David & Sherry Photography

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Graydon Hall Manor

I have said many times that Graydon Hall Manor is one of my favourite venues to shoot at in the Greater Toronto Area. The building is architecturally beautiful and flawless, creating an atmosphere that takes you back in time to when the estate was built in the 1930’s. The stonework and grand archways are visually outstanding, as well as the interior décor and designer furnishings. Around the back of the manor, a stairway from the veranda leads down to a romantic and luxurious courtyard. This area is lavish with hedges and various types of trees and bush. Colourful and well-kept gardens are also featured, surrounding a large, extravagant fountain in the centre of the yard.

The courtyard is the ideal place to hold an outdoor ceremony. As guests are seated around the fountain on the stone patio, the bride is escorted down the steps of the estate towards the archway at the edge of the back lawn. Every time I shoot outdoor ceremonies at Graydon Hall, I find the lighting is phenomenal; creating a golden and soft haze over the entire area. The setting of this location is picture perfect in every way, providing wedding photographers the best backdrops and areas to photograph.

Location: 185 Graydon Hall Drive, Toronto, ON M3A 3B1.

1/640; f/4.0; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.