St. Paul's Basilica Toronto Wedding
David & Sherry Photography

St. Paul's Basilica Toronto Wedding

Boy do I ever love grand entrances to giant cathedrals all over the world. The catholic church has made a trend through the past millennia building large, impressive structures as churches with the alter at the front and gorgeous murals and supports throughout the church. St. Paul's Basilica in Toronto brings that tradition from europe to Toronto with Canada's largest catholic church. Located near the heart of downtown this is a prime location to have a wedding ceremony for catholic weddings. The bride has a long way to go in her walk down the aisle with her father with her awaiting groom at the front of the church looking on and probably crying. This cathedral is able to house 500+ guests comfortably in it's pews and for us it's important to be able to use long lenses in order to capture the look on the groom's face as he first sees his bride and see the priest from the back of the church where we have a direct angle. It is helpful to have a long train to your wedding gown as this is the type of church where that would be beneficial. Think of the train of Princess Diana walking down the aisle and how it filled the church with her presence. We absolutely love weddings and this is one of our favourites.

St. Paul's Basilica is located in Toronto, ON


phone: 416-364-7588

Location: 83 Power St, Toronto, ON M5A 3A8.

1/200; f/4.5; ISO 4000; 20.0 mm.