David & Sherry Photography


Our Kind Of Selfie

If you've followed us at all on social media you'll know Sherry and I don't really like selfies. In fact, we don't often post photos of ourselves so when the time comes that we do want a selfie, we've got to make it a bit different. We wanted to do something with the Eiffel tower but of course, we didn't want to go up to Trocadero Square and get the same shot everyone else in Paris has done so when we were walking through one of the most beautiful cities on earth at sunset we set up a makeshift tripod (balance the camera precariously on the backpack that's been carried around all day) and do the ol' set the 10-second timer and run into position again! We love this photo because there is no question where we are and what it means to us, yet it's seen in a different way than what's expected.

1/160; f/16.0; ISO 3200; 24.0 mm.