David & Sherry Photography


Flowing Love

I know, the title is a bit corny... and that's ok cause I'm a bit corny :D.

This photo brings with it several challenges, first is the couple need to get out to a rock in the middle of the river dressed in their engagement shoot attire which is no easy feat as the only way to get out is to scale down a steep slope onto some narrow rocks and jump over a portion of the river that is about 2-3 feet wide so kudos to them to get there in the first place. So once they are there we place them just where we want them... and afterward comes the really tough part...

You see this particular river is deep enough where you don't really want to stand in it unless you have hip waders so as they sit there on their rock they get to see the show of David hopping over one rock, to the next, climbing along a fallen tree, hop to another rock only to himself and a really expensive camera inches over the surface of the water in order to get the foreground river in the bottom of the frame... then hold the camera and himself still enough to drag the shutter to get the flowing water effect in the photo. Let's just say it takes all of the photographic efforts we have to capture an image like this and it is SO worth it. I love how this one turned out and is definitely one of my favourites.

1/25; f/18.0; ISO 640; 24.0 mm.