David & Sherry Photography


Shoot What You See

As artists, we are often tempted by coming to a real-life location with a photo already in mind of what we want to shoot. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can spoil those plans and if we spend too long trying to create what isn't there, we will miss what is. This photo is a perfect example of what can happen when we choose to forget what we went there for. We had this idea of capturing beautiful shadows crossing over the dunes as the sun went down at Death Valley National Park, but as it got later in the day there was no sun to be had. I have to admit I was a little disappointed but again our couple Jon & Erin came all the way to Vegas with us, traveled hours into Death Valley and of course we were going to do our best with them anyway. After being a bit frustrated with the weather we chose to overlook our disappointment and look for what we did have available. As the light was dimming and it was close to dark we came over one of the sandy hills and saw this. So Jon & Erin walked carefully around the pristine sand to the top of the hill, Sherry went with them to throw the red fabric into the air to simulate wind then she would duck, roll and dive behind the hill so not to be seen, and this was the result.

1/500; f/10.0; ISO 800; 240.0 mm.