David & Sherry Photography


Oui Oui!!

Europe has our hearts. Ever since going overseas for the first time together on our honeymoon we have been in love with the land across the Atlantic. France is a double bonus favourite as David is fluent in french so it feels more like a home country than others that language is more of an issue. Well the city of Paris is very special and we decided for our 10th anniversary to spend some time there. Of course as our life, business and work all blend into one of COURSE we would do some work while we were there celebrating our anniversary!!! (because we're crazy... about life and business and work... and our kids :D)

Well the day was pretty crappy to be honest, the rain was falling, it was not in the least bit warm even though it was June, the day previous had been hot and beautiful and spent at Roland Garros for the French Open... but on this day it was a bit miserable. However, we trekked all over the city with our willing subjects through the gardens at the Louvre, to the famous landmarks, and put in a LOT of steps in the hopes of getting something great. We were certainly rewarded as two of the photos in this list came from this shoot. This one, shot along the Pont Alexandre III while the rain lightened slightly with bikers and walkers running by we were able to find a hint of serenity in the bustling metropolis, long enough to create this beautiful shot.

1/2500; f/1.4; ISO 500; 105.0 mm.