Mt Currie Helicopter Elopement Wedding
David & Sherry Photography

Mt Currie Helicopter Elopement Wedding

Mt. Currie Elopement Wedding

Adventure elopement weddings are so much fun to be part of. This Helicopter Elopement where we flew to the summit, landed and picked the spot to get married was phenomenal.

Adventure Weddings

When you know exactly who you want to marry, but the planning of the wedding is taking too much out of you or the family pressures aren't working out where all your favourite people can be together in the same place many times this couples opt for a wedding at a destination which is sometimes hard to get to, whether it be by hike, helicopter, snowboard, climb or deep trek into the woods. These fantastic events are limited to a very small amount of people and are always meaningful to the couple and the photographs are amazing!

Pemberton Wedding Photography

This Mt. Currie Heli-ski wedding in Pemberton was made possible by the pilots at Blackcomb Helicopter. Being whisked away from the Pemberton Heliport to a spot which provided some of the most beautiful views and photos of our bride and groom that we could imagine was a phenomenal experience. Photos of the couple, the officiant and the ceremony spot which in this case happened to be on top of a mountain. We are always looking for the best light, be it rim, Rembrandt, or side lighting to create compositions which highlight the best posing and parts of our couples.

Photography Gear

When creating photos in the backcountry around Whistler and Pemberton having the right gear is important. From Think Tank Photo Backpacks that allow us to get the gear we need at the right time to having the right flashes, and flash modifiers like MagMod products paired alongside our Nikon cameras such as the D850, D750 and Z7 camera bodies. This allows us to be mobile and free to shoot what and where we want while still getting to all the best locations.

Location: Mt. Currie.

1/1600; f/11.0; ISO 400; 24.0 mm.