Othello Tunnels Engagement Pre Wedding Photos
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Othello Tunnels Engagement Pre Wedding Photos

Othello Tunnels Pre-Wedding Photos

The Othello tunnels, also known as Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, holds a big piece of the history of the area near hope where many people tunneled through the rocks on the steep faces of the mountains surrounding Hope, B.C. The area is now a provincial park with trails through the tunnels and over the bridges of the canyons with white water rushing through them. It is now the location of several large scale films famously including Rambo where Sylverster Stallone was hanging off a cliff while a helicopter tried to shoot him. The popular tourist destination is a fantastic spot for engagement photos. The pre-wedding sessions can produce some beautiful images of the bride and groom and the surrounding valleys channel the light in to beautifully shine on the loving couple. The tunnels in this particular photo were lit up by a series of 3 sets of off camera flashes with the couple silhouetted in the opening of the tunnel. A challenging shot to say the least it required Sherry running back and forth adjusting the lights to flash in just the right places. Tourists walking through didn't help too much but the end result is a beautiful photo of a bride and groom silhouetted in a tunnel. 

The Othello Tunnels are located in Hope, B.C.

website: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/c...

Location: Hope, B.C..

1/250; f/2.8; ISO 1000; 62.0 mm.