Private Cottage Wedding Photos Muskoka
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Private Cottage Wedding Photos Muskoka

Private Cottage Wedding in Muskoka

One of the things we love most about weddings is that each bride and groom bring their own thoughts and ideas into how they are going to celebrate their marriage. Some people want a lavish affair at a swanky hotel, some want to be closer to their mothers and fathers so the travel closer to where their family is and some choose to incorporate a place that is meaningful to them as they want their ceremony site to be somewhere they will visit often or have spent their childhood at. For many the choice is to do a private wedding at their cottage in Muskoka. There is a tremendous draw to Muskoka weddings because of the beauty of the lakes surrounding the landscape and the many quaint and out of the way cottages that line these lakes. Brides have spent their summer weekends travelling up the 400 highway to their little piece of northern Ontario as a getaway from the busy life that is in Toronto. Many famous people have chosen to build cottages in Muskoka including Jim Carrey and Donald Sutherland as a way of escape from the business of Hollywood. These private wedding locations are unique as no one else will hold their ceremony there so each one is unique. Most of them have a lovely dock where they hold the reception over the lake they have swam in so many times in the past. These weekend events bring in family and friends from all over the world and the cottage is transformed for a week into a host location for many people in and out including vendors, cake artists, caterers, wedding planners, djs, hair stylists, makeup artists, videographers, and us the private cottage in Muskoka photographers. All of this comes together for a beautiful family event that is remembered for many years. The photos take at a reception like this can be fantastic because everyone is relaxed and enjoying their time together. It creates beautiful photojournalistic moments and captures of real emotion which is one of the things we are always looking for. Beautiful moments in amazing light. 

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Location: Muskoka, ON.

1/1000; f/4.0; ISO 125; 24.0 mm.