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Lots About Us

Our Beginnings

As all couples do, we met. Our particular meeting happened at Bible college. After that we had a long distance relationship for 3 years before getting married and we haven’t been apart since.

We haven’t always been working in photography, David once upon a time was a professional golfer and Sherry thought she might like something in the medical field, but God had different plans. After golfing David tried quite a few different jobs to find one he liked but never really found anything that made him excited to go to work everyday. This is where our story of how we got into Wedding photography picks up.

Our story starts many years ago when David bought Sherry a camera as a present for our wedding. We were planning quite a nice honeymoon and we wanted nice photos of the trip so before David gave it to her, he spent several months learning how to use it. It would have gone over really well but he found himself enjoying the camera so much that he never really gave it to her. Sure it was "hers" but I just kept using it and not really giving it back, much to her frustration. So when we got back David got his own camera and so began our journey into photography.

Living in beautiful BC we would go out on weekends capturing the mountains and everything in them. And so began photography the hobby. It has always been a bit of competition between us to see who has gotten the better shot (this continues with wedding photography).

Amongst David’s many jobs (8 in total) he tried after golfing, summer camp directing is the one that brought us back to Ontario. Glazing or glass installation was another he started during the winter between summer camps but I can tell you installing windows outside in December is COLD work and it made for one unhappy David.

So we prayed about a new career. It’s amazing how God knows just what you need and when you need it. We headed down to Mexico to visit David's family for Christmas and at a Christmas party David got talking to a Wedding Photographer named Juan Carlo Tapia (he’s amazing by the way). Juan invited us over to his studio to talk about photography and we talked for about 2 hours. He told David to come help him with a family shoot later that week and after the shoot Juan Carlos invited David back to his studio. By the end of the day we had a business name, a website, and an invite to come and learn the wedding photography business. God is awesome.

So back to Ontario and to the cold we went, but by then David had decided he would jump into wedding photography with both feet. So, in March we flew down to Mexico for 3 months where David apprenticed with Juan Carlos to learn all he could about Wedding Photography. Then after summer camp that year we hit the ground running. We were in 3 bridal shows that September where we managed to book 19 weddings for the next year. And so began our Wedding Photography journey.

We have never looked back except to see how far God has brought us. We are always trying to better our craft, learn from the best, and push the boundaries of what we did last year. We attribute all of our talent and gifts in photography to God as it is from him these gifts come.

The thing that makes David and me the happiest is making you happy. Whether that’s through the fine art photographs we create for you or our customer service, we pride ourselves on doing our job with excellence. The bible says that whatever you do, do it whole heartedly as unto The Lord (Colossians 3:23), and as such we want to do work that is honouring to God.

"The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end that's all there is”. - Mr. Carson, Downton Abby

The Acquistiioners and Creators of Fine Art Memories,

David & Sherry