Weddings in Bracebridge Church Ceremony
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Weddings in Bracebridge Church Ceremony

Church Weddings in Bracebridge

The city of Bracebridge is one of the five cities of the Muskoka region. An area known for it's lakes, trees and rocks, the private cottage is the biggest draw to the area. Very few people live here during the winter, but come summer when the weekends are on the population explodes. As such many of the weddings held in the area take place on private properties and cottage grounds, or at venues such as Brooklands Farm. Many of those who get married want to have a church as the place they say their vows in the presence of all their family and friends as the priest guides them along one step at a time. There is a religious and traditional aspect to the ceremony where many choose to do the same as their parents or grandparents did. Though there aren't numerous places to hold a ceremony in the town there are some really nice ones, which are capable of hosting large wedding guest lists. During this event Nathan & Linda got married at the Catholic church in Bracebridge before heading back down butter and egg road to have their reception in a tranquil spot along the countryside at a farm venue. We too got married in a church and for those who wish to do so Bracebridge has you covered.

Location: Bracebridge, ON.

1/2500; f/3.2; ISO 2500; 24.0 mm.