Garrison & Tara – Owen Sound Winter Engagment Photos

What a mild winter it has been so far!  Garrison and Tara were looking forward to some beautiful snowy pictures for their engagement session in the middle of January, however due to the fact that there hasn’t been any snow that has stuck around, we went searching for some.  We started the engagement photos at Cobble Beach, and ended up finding what we were looking for after hiking to the bottom of Ingles Falls where the mist from the waterfall covered the surrounding area in white, giving some beautiful snowy pictures :).

There couldn’t have been a nicer start to the day, in that right at the beginning we saw something that I have only seen one other time in my life, a snowy owl.

Garrison and Tara are so energetic together, though I must say Garrison is a bit more jubilant than Tara, as you will see with the multitude of different facial expressions Garrison sports.  Needless to say, Sherry and I had a great time with our old friend Garrison, and our new one Tara.  We love you guys, and can’t wait for your wedding.

Oh and by the way… nice pose near the end Garrison :D.


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