Nisarg & Vraditi | Port Elgin Engagement Photography

Nish & Vraditi have had a bit of a challenge spending time together over the last couple years.  With Nish living in New Jersey and Vraditi living in Port Elgin, there has been much flying back and forth.  In fact, when we did our shoot, Nish had just gotten off a plane and been picked up in Toronto, driven up to Port Elgin to sleep for a couple hours, then asked to be romantic and sweet for his engagement session (which he had no trouble doing :).

Getting married in India later this year, the being apart will finally come to an end and they will be able to spend all the time they want together.

We travelled to some of the favorite sites in Port Elgin, down by the dock, up some gorgeous streets lined with colorful trees… it was a great day.

Congratulations guys.

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