Jon & Steph | Sunnybrook Park Engagement Photos | Toronto Engagement Photographer

Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_001Jon & Steph very much wanted to get some of the last fall color of the year, and fortunately for us there was still a little bit left at Sunnybrook park in Toronto.  We joyfully got together and had an awesome afternoon.  For these two, whose wedding is coming up soon at the beautiful Graydon Hall Manor, we wanted to capture who their fun, loving and adventurous sides.  A stroll through the park where Jon proposed was a perfect connection and I love the photos we got out of it.

Congratulations guys, we can’t wait to see you again.Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_002Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_003Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_004Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_005Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_006Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_007Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_008Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_009Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_010Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_011Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_012Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_013Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_014Steph has a love of all things purple, so Jon got the jeweler to put a small purple diamond underneath the main stone.  We thought it was an amazing touch.Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_015Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_016Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_017Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_018Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_019Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_020These two seem to find themselves in a Starbucks Coffee Shop often, sometimes multiple times per day :)… So it was appropriate to commemorate their love for each other… and coffee :).Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_021Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_022Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_023Sunnybrook_Park_Engagement_Toronto_024a


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