David & Sherry Photography


Yup, It's Real

What can I say about this photo that hasn't already been said. You can read a full description about it here, but it's something we will probably never do again. I don't say that because it isn't possible to do again, but it is perfect the way it is. The level of planning that went into it was epic, as we had to figure out when the moon would be rising in which direction at what angle of inclination then had to scout a location that would allow for two people to stand on top of a hill without any trees behind them that also allowed the photographer to be located 600-700 yards away in order to be able to compose it correctly with the 1200mm, 30-pound lens in order to get the compression needed to make the moon appear as large as it does. The couple was amazing, Sherry's veil floof was perfect, our assistant's effort to get the dress to fall correctly as they stood on step ladders above the grass worked out perfectly, all the while trying to figure out the exact spot the camera needed to be in the 2 minutes we had to capture the shot. I guess the only thing to say is...