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Well, it’s official… Sherry and I have entered the ranks of parenthood!  Yes, it’s true, we didn’t just borrow a baby for this shoot, it’s actually OUR BABY!!!! After toying around with names for months we came up with some real doozies… Ichabod Schlobotnic Buck, Reilly Harry Buck, Cletus Herman Buck… but none of those quite fit, so we named him Jack Ryan Buck.  Jack after the name of Sherry’s beloved and late grandfather, and Ryan after my brother.

He was born April 7th at 10:47 weighing 5lb 11oz.  The extended birth story is below, but we thought we would start with his first “formal” photo shoot.  I’m sure this will be one well photographed baby, and this first photo is by far my favorite.  (that is of course until his next photo shoot ;D)

Of course we have already started to train him in photo editing, client care and photographing clients, though it will be a few years before he’s ready for the big leagues :).I would love to put some captions to these photos… this one I can’t help but think “Seriously… I have to hang out with YOU for the next 20 years!?!?!?!?”And my favorite “GET ME OUTTA HEEERRRRRREEEE!!!!!”This one is for my brother… you can see he is learning to stick out his tongue at me already!He does have cuteness wrapped up though… those big puffy cheeks are extremely pinchable.As you can see, the maleable-ness of his cheeks allows him to get some GREAT facial expressions.“OH NOOO NOT ANOTHER KISS!!!!!!!”We also need to make sure he has lots of friends, so we gave him some company in his bed.  I’m not sure if it’s a welcome addition 🙂Annnnndddd… this is what happens when you keep a 9 day old baby awake for 2.5 hours to do a photo shoot.




Jack’s story
The Saturday before Jack was born David and I were out and about went for lunch and visited a couple of Maple syrup farms in our local area. Sunday Morning I woke up and started thinking “I haven’t felt the baby move lately” We went into the hospital to get things checked out, and got hooked up to the baby monitor.  After being there a few minutes I had one BH contraction that was stronger, and it kind of took my breath away.
Apparently Jack didn’t like that and his Heart rate dropped from 160 to 60. 3 people rushed into my room, one nurse told me I had 3 sec to put a gown on, another took out an IV bag. and the OB’s resident told me my Dr was on her way and I would probably need to have an emergency C-section in the next 20 min. SCARY to say the least.

Then things calmed down a bit, the Dr came up, Jack’s heart rate had returned to normal. The Dr started inducing me, and said one way or another you’re having this baby today.
Then 45min later, another harder contraction and Jack had the same response.  They rushed me across the hall to the OR. and 20 min later I had my little man.  He was limp and not moving, not breathing or anything… the only thing working was his heart. Again SCARY.  That was a tough moment when the OR was completely silent.  He was passed off to the Paediatrics team and they resuscitated him.

We are so thankful that God takes care of us.  It was told to us that had we not come in Sunday morning things would have turned out a lot differently, most likely for the worse.  So what made Sherry say something was wrong just at the right time?  We are so glad that Jack is in God’s hands and that we are the caretakers of one of Jesus Christ’s beautiful creations.  We feel so blessed, and we pray he gives us wisdom as parents to make the right choices for Jack Jack.  We are also thankful that we live in a time where we can go to the hospital and have expert nurses and doctors be able to deliver a baby on a moment’s notice.
After delivery, he was in the NICU for 5 days on Antibiotics, I was in the hospital for 3 days then sent home.  One of the more difficult parts was having to leave the hospital without Jack.  He was in good hands however with the nurses in the NICU and just a few days later we were able to take him home.  He of course was very excited to get his first photo shoot… but in truth we are happy and blessed to have him home.

This was the center flower of our first bunch of flowers sent lovingly from my family out in B.C.  Thanks guys.Grandpa spending some baby-time 🙂Thank you for taking the time to read about our new family, I’m sure we will have more photos up soon… and as my brother said “he will probably be one of the most photographed babies ever”


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