Nick & Rachel | Owen Sound Winter Engagement Photos

Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_001You know, it wasn’t too long ago that we had a winter where a number of clients were hoping for snow during their shoot to have that lovely wintery feel and there was no snow to be had.  I remember going to a waterfall because we knew there would be freezing spray off the falls which would appear as snow on the hillside.  This year however we don’t have the same issue.  In fact, we have SO much snow that EVERYTHING is white :).

Such was the setting for Nick & Rachel’s engagement photos in Owen Sound.  A fantastic couple whose lives are often dictated by weather and farming schedules, came out to spend the day in the winter wonderland that is our province at this point :).

Thank you guys so much, and we can’t wait for your lovely, warm summer wedding.Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_002Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_003Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_004Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_005Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_006Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_007Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_008Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_009Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_010Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_011Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_012Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_013Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_014Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_015Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_016Owen_Sound_Engagement_Photography_Winter_017


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