Josh & Kelly | Campfire Bible Camp | Markdale Wedding Photography

Josh & Kelly’s beautiful June wedding at the Campfire Bible Camp in Markdale, Ontario was awesome! The day was absolutely gorgeous as the sun was out, there were beautiful white fluffy clouds in the air and the emotion of the day was magnificent.  Everything from the getting ready through the outdoor ceremony to the photos and reception were held on site with many little touches of DIY decor along with a beautiful natural setting.

It was so much fun spending the day with these two and their families and we wish them the best as they move to one of the most fun stages of life, marriage :).  Markdale_Wedding_Photography_001Markdale_Wedding_Photography_002Markdale_Wedding_Photography_003Markdale_Wedding_Photography_004Markdale_Wedding_Photography_005Markdale_Wedding_Photography_006Markdale_Wedding_Photography_007Markdale_Wedding_Photography_008Markdale_Wedding_Photography_009Markdale_Wedding_Photography_010Markdale_Wedding_Photography_011Markdale_Wedding_Photography_012Markdale_Wedding_Photography_013Markdale_Wedding_Photography_014Markdale_Wedding_Photography_015Markdale_Wedding_Photography_016Markdale_Wedding_Photography_017Markdale_Wedding_Photography_018Markdale_Wedding_Photography_019Markdale_Wedding_Photography_020Markdale_Wedding_Photography_021Markdale_Wedding_Photography_022Markdale_Wedding_Photography_023


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