John & Candice Winter Engagement Shoot

We first met John and Candice at Samantha & Brinsley’s wedding this summer, Candice was in the bridal party and we had a blast all day. Candice came up to us at the reception..bringing John along with her to meet us. We had a great conversation and after a ring was presented¬† we had another wonderful conversation. John and Candice wanted to do their engagement shoot in the winter…so we met up at Horseshoe Valley for an afternoon in the snow.

There is nothing better than getting all bundled up and making snow angels…well maybe a nice hot cup of hot chocolate would be better but not by much.

It was at this point that I realized how much like David and I, Candice and John were…it was right about the time John picked up Candice and dumped her in the snow.

Beautiful scenery.

Gorgeous Ring!

Love this ring shot.

I love the way John looks at Candice

I love the way John makes Candice laugh.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Thanks soooooo much John & Candice for allowing us to follow you around for an afternoon and get to know you more, it was alot of fun.

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