David and I have a weird sense of humor it’s kind of a corny mixed with sarcasm with a small side portion of cynicism. But when we get giddy…anything goes…even some of the silliest notions. I’m not sure how this totally came about but we were watching Secretariat the other night (excellent movie by the way…made us both cry) and David over the past few nights had been making himself a latte (but he didn’t know it was called a Latte) but the I dont’ have an official latte maker version…aka..warmed up milk with a chai tea bag dipped in…add a bit of sugar..touch of vanilla and VOILA…a Chai Latte Buck style. DELISH!!! Apparently according to David, I was sitting there drinking my Chocolaty mint tea I was jealous of his Latte…but I don’t remember this.

So the night we were watching Secretariat we were getting kind of giddy…and I asked David if he was going to make Moolattes…to which he replied by *BURSTING* out in laughter…which made me laugh we sat there laughing so hard we had to rewind the movie a bit b/c we missed parts…then we paused the movie and made Moolattes. Since then it has turned into a little inside joke..which I guess is now outside.

Don’t worry that’s not the end of the story..we had a consultation with Tom & Kate on Saturday at Starbucks in Collingwood. And because I don’t drink coffee, and we don’t have Starbucks here in Owen Sound I never know what to order. So after staring at the menu board for what seemed like ever, i’m sure to the lady taking the orders because I’m not one of those I’ll take a cappuccino Grande, skim milk, double foam with chocolate curls on the side or something-a-ruther that you say so fast the person behind you thinks you are speaking a different language..unless they also speak Starbucks. I decided to order the Chai Tea Latte, I turned around to tell david what I wanted and after telling him he started laughing SOOOO hard he had to excuse himself from line to laugh over in the corner…hence the power of an inside joke.

Have a great MOOOLLLAAATTE Monday!!!


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