Anky & Heather

This past September Sherry and I had the privilege of photographing Anky and Heather at their church followed by a beautiful Chinese reception at Le Parc Banquet Hall in Markham.  We first photographed Anky and Heather in Toronto where we had the awesome opportunity to explore in the Academy of Spherical Arts in Liberty Village followed by a walk around Toronto’s downtown where we used some of Toronto’s finest buildings.  They were a blast.

So when it came time to shoot their wedding we were ready for a fun day at their church, followed by a trip down candy lane… … … I mean Unionville… … … really we took some time to photograph them through the streets of Unionville and it just so happens one of the coolest candy shops in the area is right there downtown.  Sherry got a cup of hot chocolate (surprising I know) while we were there because their advertising line on them was “a whole chocolate bar in each cup!”  Needless to say Sherry was in heaven if only for a few moments.

Anyway, Anky & Heather, thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your day, here are some of the highlights.  Note the groom’s cake near the end… A POOL TABLE!!! so sweet!

One other note, this will be the last post with the old logo 😀


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