Brinsley & Samantha – Fairmont Royal York Wedding Photos

The wedding of Samantha & Brinsley took place last year at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto and was a beautiful event where just about 400 of their family and friends came to celebrate the love they have for each other.

The ceremony took place at the St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Mississauga and from there we headed to the Fairmont Royal York to take their wedding pictures as well as dance the night away with their beautiful reception.  It was a pleasure to be able to shoot in such a luxurious and historical venue. To think of all the brides and grooms who have walked these halls before us, and the history that has been made there is truly humbling.

This wedding was so beautiful and emotional that both Sherry and I couldn’t help crying at least a couple times throughout the day (not too uncommon with us :D).  Samantha’s dad’s speech was the best,  and his speech was followed up by one of the most touching father/daughter dances we have seen and the photo from that particular dance near the end of this post is one of my favorites.  That particular photo also won an accolade of excellence from WPPI in photojournalism and just this past week Sherry and I had the opportunity of presenting a beautiful black and white print to the father to which he was overly excited.

It was such a blessing to photographer of this wedding and I’m so happy to have a whole bunch of new friends!


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