Palais Royale Wedding Photography | Toronto Photographer | Ciaran & Darcy

Palais Royale on the Toronto lakefront is a stunning place to have a wedding, and for Ciaran & Darcy it was the perfect place.  These two wonderful people who met overseas and relocated to be together and build a life in the same city celebrated their love with their closest family and friends on a beautiful day overlooking lake Ontario.

The wedding which was drenched in elegance and style was put together by none other than the bride herself, along with the help of the fabulous Rachel Clingen on flowers and Karina Lemke on day of planning.

Darcy wore blue Manolo Blahniks along with her styled dress with much detail and lacing.  Ciaran wore a stunning suit and looked like a fantastically fashionable groom. They hired a vintage Rolls Royce as their transportation and every other piece of the wedding puzzle was beautiful.

Congratulations to both of you on your wonderful wedding day. palais-royale-wedding-001Beautiful dress hanging from the window in Toronto. palais-royale-wedding-002Her blue Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes. Blue Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoes palais-royale-wedding-004 palais-royale-wedding-005 palais-royale-wedding-006 palais-royale-wedding-007A portrait of Darcy on her wedding day with her flowers. palais-royale-wedding-008 palais-royale-wedding-009 Wedding Setup at Palais Royale palais-royale-wedding-011 palais-royale-wedding-012 palais-royale-wedding-013 palais-royale-wedding-014 palais-royale-wedding-015 palais-royale-wedding-016 Rolls Royce in front of Palais Royale palais-royale-wedding-018 palais-royale-wedding-019 palais-royale-wedding-020 palais-royale-wedding-021 palais-royale-wedding-022 palais-royale-wedding-023 palais-royale-wedding-024 palais-royale-wedding-025 palais-royale-wedding-026 Rachel Clingen Decor Palais Royale palais-royale-wedding-028 palais-royale-wedding-029 palais-royale-wedding-030 Dance floor palais royaleThe bride and groom at their head table, designed by the bride and florist Rachel Clingen to bring about decadent elegance. Palais-Royale-Wedding-rachel-clingen-decor palais-royale-wedding-033




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