Well here we go.  The launch of our new website and blog. Hope you enjoy it. Over the next little bit as we get new edits done and have time to put old blog posts up we will be adding new material. David and I have been working hard to get this website up and running…it hasn’t been easy for two web lingo illiterate people to figure out how to work this thing…it’s still a work in progress.

Now just to tell you a bit about me (Sherry)…I suck at spelling, so if you wonder what a word is….just sound it out because I think English is a stupid language full of dumb words (like the word dumb..who needs the “b”?) I definitely spell fenetically….wait “David how do you spell fenetically?” David…P.H.O.E.N.E.T.I.C.A.L.L.Y…..Thanks honey. Oh yes and my grammar is not that great either…in an age where you have a computer who puts green lines under it if there’s something wrong…it’s just not something I made a priority…much to my Grandmothers disgust. So I use …. in place of most punctuation. Some might ask…well then why are you writing the blog…and I would say “Well I’m not sure, except that David is busy editing, and I like writing and David writes too “buisness speak”” So you’re stuck with me and all my imperfections. Hope you enjoy. I promise I’ll try hard to make it legible.



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