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Sherry and I realized that we blog a whole lot about other people, but don’t do too much writing about us!  Well, that’s not acceptable so here we go.  We wanted to give you an update on what is happening with us and some of the funny things that happen to us.  I figure if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at.

This summer has turned into an awesome one.  We had a break in bookings during the end of July and beginning of August and coordinated with my brother who lives in Mexico as to when he was going to come up to B.C. with his family.  Ryan (my brother) and I grew up in B.C. and the last time we were all together with mom and dad there was in 2004.  So it’s been a while.  When we got it all planned out we were super excited.

I have to give you a little bit of background with my brother and me.  We have the best relationship siblings could possibly have.  We have done everything together from learning to play ping pong, to making a challenge out of everything possible, and even playing professional golf together.  It doesn’t seem to matter where we get together, we will find some competition whether in Tennis, Golf, exercising, Nintendo, drinking water bottles, eating sandwiches… literally anything.  In all of this there are a couple things that we absolutely LOVE.  One of those is singing random boy band songs, such as O-Town’s “Is it all”, or anything from the backstreet boys at the top of our lungs and then bursting into laughter, and the second is particular Nintendo games.  Raiden, Mario Kart, Jackel, Top Gear 3000, Nagano winter Olympics, etc.   So when we knew we were getting together we had to prepare.  We purchased a Nintendo/Super Nintendo Emulator (which can play the old games) and we bought a whole bunch of games on Ebay… and every time we talk online we usually get incredibly excited about playing these vintage Nintendo games until the wee hours of the morning.

Anyway, in planning this trip out west, we met with Tom and Kate who booked us for their wedding in February at Graydon Hall in Toronto, and they said what they really wanted was to get married in Lake Louise, but it hadn’t worked out.  So the conversation that ensued brought a plan to do an engagement shoot in Lake Louise instead and get some sweet photos from it.  So in the past week, we flew out of London, off to Abbotsford, picked up my dad’s ridiculously sweet Infinity G37X and started driving to Banff.

It was pretty funny explaining to the lady that was sitting beside us on the plane as we left Calgary for Abbotsford that we were leaving Calgary, only to go to Abbotsford and drive back to Banff.  She thought we were nuts.  She was right 🙂

We met up with Tom and Kate and had an awesome shoot and time together which we will blog about soon, but you can read a little bit here.

Another piece of information you need to know is that Sherry and I purchased the book The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferris as recommended by Curtis Moore when we were talking with him a few weeks ago and he mentioned it was a great book to read to lose some weight and get into shape.  So the way of eating looks like this.  Each meal should be based on meat and veggies, and the extra calories should be eaten through legumes (or as Sherry likes to call them… gross).  This goes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we aren’t allowed to eat white stuff or fruit.  This happens for 6 days a week, and day 7 of each week is binge day.  On binge day, anything goes!  ANYTHING!!! This means you can eat anything, in any quantity so long as you start with the prescribed breakfast.  He even recommends writing down cravings during the week so that you can have them on your binge day.

So here was our binge day (Sunday) this week while we were in Banff.  Sherry started with an Evelyn’s hot chocolate and monster chocolate chip cookie, then she had a Booster Juice smoothie, she had a dark chocolate turtle, caramel popcorn and triple chocolate fudge, then she had a burger with mashed potatoes for dinner.  mmmmmmm.
David’s looked like this – McDonald’s fries and ice cold coca cola, a bag of gourmet red licorice, wine gums, and Turkish delight, followed by a bag of caramel popcorn, a murtle (which looks like a large turtle that has been run over by a car), then to booster juice for a smoothie… Off to the pub later where I had mac and cheese with bacon, bangers (sausage for the Canadians) and caramelized onions.  mmmmm.  I went back to the hotel and finished the murtle to the point of sugar overload and feeling sick.  It was awesome!

Anyway, so here we are in Banff, seeing the sights, enjoying some time off and we will update you more on our trip as we go.

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