Georgian Bay Wedding Photos | Brett & Amanda

Love is a wonderful thing.  It is something that is hard to describe, impossible to nail down, is always changing, yet when we see it we know exactly what it is.  Such was the case with Brett and Amanda’s wedding this spring at their family cottage, the United Church in Owen Sound and at Cobble Beach.  Their Georgian Bay Wedding Photos are a show of the beauty that exists on the shores of Ontario’s Great Lakes and the love that can exist between friends, a family and a couple.

Our job as photographers is simply to document.  We are onlookers aiming to provide viewers with a feeling of what happened and a history of this small moment of time which in this case was a wedding day.  The joining of two families, the feeling of pride from the parents, the beauty of the couple, the memory of all those who came from near and far, and the tradition of marriage which will be looked back on for generations to come.  It has always been our joy and excitement to be the ones trusted to document such an important event in people’s lives.

On this particular day the sun shone through a light blue sky, it was warm(ish) for an Ontario spring day :), everything ran smoothly, Brett and Amanda tied the knot, Cobble Beach hosted a beautiful event with fantastic food and the mood was awesome.  Enjoy a look through these photos from Brett & Amanda’s wedding.


Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_002 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_003 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_004 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_005 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_006Amanda is an accomplished pianist, such that while taking these photos I may have lingered longer than needed so that I could hear more of her playing :). Owen Sound Bridal Portrait Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_008 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_009
Georgian Bay Wedding Photography


Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_011 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_012 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_013Though the ground wasn’t exactly covered in snow, we were able to get a nice winter photo. Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_014

Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_016 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_017 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_018 Walking down the aisle in Owen Sound United Church Owen Sound Wedding Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_021 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_022 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_023 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_024 Wedding Lighthouse Pictures Cobble Beach Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_026 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_027 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_028 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_029 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_030 Cobble Beach Wedding Decor Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_032 Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_033 Bridge at Cobble Beach Wedding Spring_Cobble_Beach_Wedding_035

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