How The Light Changes

The best photos happen with the best light. When you’re working out in nature as we almost always are as wedding photographers the light changes as the sun, clouds, and reflections change. So minute by minute we may be looking at something different. This series of three photos expresses what I mean really well. All three of these pictures were taken within 5 minutes of each other. The one of the couple walking is when the sun is out and shining brightly on the people, the one below my writing the sun has crested behind a shallow cloud and the last while the sun has hidden behind the mountain. So if there is a particular look we are going for it might mean we work VERY quickly. So sometimes when we talk to our clients in a hurried pace or ask them to move quickly, this is why. We want the absolute best for you and that means taking control of the situation in a way that will ensure the best possible results. I promise we will control the situation nicely, with smiles and we’ll all be friends… but sometimes you’ve got to move quickly :).

That, of course, goes for me too… as in this example, I had to move quickly as well. In between photo 1 and 2 I had to run through a dune at full speed with cameras strapped around my neck as I could see the light about to change and wanted to get a different angle so I moved my little tushy as fast as I could to get the best for these two. Unfortunately while doing so I turfed it in the sand and got my cameras all dirty which made for a fun evening with my camera cleaning tools :D.


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