David & Sherry Photography

Family Formals on the Wedding Day

Family photos can range between just your intimate family with a group of about 10 people to photos with all of your extended family with 150 people, in many different combinations. 

In order for things to run smoothly and to make sure we have everyone we need in the same place at the same time we recommend the following:

  • Think through all the different family photos you would like, if you’d like uncles and cousins included, and if there are any other special groups you’d like photos of.

  •  Tell all the people who are to be in family photos that they will be needed and to go where instructed right after the ceremony.  Though all family photos aren’t always taken right after the ceremony it is the most convenient time as we can announce to all of them at the same time and they can be ushered where to go while the rest of the guests go to cocktail hour.

  • Start with the largest side of the family. We like to take the biggest group and start with everyone, then break down the group into the smaller groups and dismiss the people we are finished with to cocktail hour so we get down to fewer and fewer people, then repeat with the other side of the family.

We can get through many pictures very quickly and will be happy to talk to you about your family photo wishes.

When there are important groups of family especially those who rarely get together we would love to create one of our Vanity Fair styled group photos for your family. This requires a bit more time and set up with chairs and posing but the result can be a beautiful family heirloom photo to cherish for years to come.