David & Sherry Photography

David & Sherry

What can I say about the two of us... spend a bit of time on our site or read through our Instagram posts and you'll quickly discover we love life! We love adventure, we love colour and we believe life should be lived fully.

We are quick-witted, often sarcastic (especially with each other), and joyful. We always bring joyful loving emotion to the world around us because our worlds are a reflection of what we put into it. Also... real emotion and feelings are the only thing that are never able to be enhanced in a photo. We can move mountains (literally) working with pictures, but we can never fake the real true feelings between people who love each other. We are told by so many of our clients that when we arrive we make them feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. This translates into the real emotions you see throughout our work.

We photograph EVERYTHING!!!! Weddings of course are our passion and career... but mountains, lakes, rivers, people, homes, businesses, fungi, leaves, moss, children... pretty much anything where we find beauty, and in God's creation, beauty is endless. Above all else, we aim to glorify our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by providing excellent service, customer care, and through our lifestyle. (Colossians 3:17)

Our Boys! (AKA Operation Grandkids!!!)

Sherry asked me ad nauseam "Are you ready to have kids?" to which I answered "Not yet." then driving in our car one day she asked me again and she said "Do you want grandkids someday? Because if you do, you know we have to have kids first."... so we have 2 boys!


Turns out I LOVE my kids (and so does Sherry)

For life to be lived to the fullest we must pour into our kids. Intentionally homeschooled, world travelled and multi-lingual... who are we kidding... operation teach them French didn't work out so well. However, they tag along on everything (except weddings) and we want it no other way. We are gifted the years with our kids we have and that's all we get. Let's enjoy them!!! So you will either find us on a trail, at a zoo, looking up the origins of some plant in the woods, or on the golf course.

See!!! I wasn't kidding!!! At a zoo... and no the Triceratops isn't real.