David & Sherry Photography

The ONE thing to get the best out of your wedding photos

Don’t worry, I’m not just going to say Hire Us!! :D

There is ONE singular thing that you can do to make all of your photos better and get the absolute best for your future memories…

What is it??

Be Joyful

As photographers we can direct, and talk to you, and bring out emotion, and give you activities to do while taking the photos… we will make you feel comfortable… but if you are stressed, concerned, anxious or upset, we cannot change the emotion on your face. Photoshop can work WONDERS… but it can’t bring joy to your face.

Leading up to your wedding day you can plan, plan and plan, but when the day comes… trust the plan you’ve set in place, enjoy the day, and be joyous.

Your future self will thank you when they are looking back on the day.